Pet peeves: The return (Part 4)

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oh no it happened again




damn i wanted to be a youtuber commenter and get in with a FIRST

Apparently my nendo was fibally arriving today, but I’ve had no tracking or costums invoice yet so hmmmm

Oop nevermind it was in my spam folder, thanks gmail you bastard

system is cringe

can’t believe akamito wants to kill makoto to stop her being a cop.

:fist: we stand with you brother, sumi and/or haru “we really despise the police” okumura all the way.

you misunderstand me

i’m not just advocating for makoto to be killed. i’m advocating the death of all young people before they cross over into adulthood

it’s the only way to prevent them needing their hearts changed and ending the cycle forever

Harukoto really is the most adorable ship, they’re both so helpless I love them


stop shipping my waifus together please.

the most common ship i see is ryuji and ann for some reason. maybe because they’re both goofballs

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Im gone for a day and you cap the old thread.

Just remembered that when I left the house today half the street was completely dark again. Don’t you love walking down a pitch black street?

Arguably more of a youtube vibe to comment FIRST when you aren’t

It was Mito!

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They do have a fun goofy flirty rivalry going on, but I can’t imagine not shipping Ann with Shiho they confess love for one another it’s incredibly gay

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my area has been completely encapsulated by fog all day so far. i usually have a good view from my office window over the lake but i can’t see more than a few metres.

i love it

Part 4 of this riveting series of Pet peeves!

Lets keep this ball ROLLING

my trip to cambridge over the weekend for first aid training didn’t happen in the end because my youngest had three teeth coming through at the same time and didn’t let me or my wife sleep all of friday night and day

she saved me, but at the cost of my sanity for a very long and frustrating 24 hours

My new place is up on a hill so I’ve had silent hill fog the last two days. It’s great. Love foggy days.


my oldest doesn’t know what fog is.

this morning she told me that there is fire outside because she thought the fog was smoke

i have now taught her what fog is, but i really wanted to let her believe the world was on fire


Ah, the eternal childcarer dilemma: you should teach them how the world actually works but it is also extremely funny to lie to them


just explain to her that while the world isn’t literally on fire (yet) there are many people who believe that it is absolutely figuratively on fire, and that her generation may get to enjoy the ashes of what previous generations have wrought