Pet peeves: The return (Part 3)

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oh what a dumb post to go out on :upside_down_face:

but hey last post!

also pretty cool it links to both pet peeves now


As i was saying before the RUDE interruption

The bot counts actual existing posts only, not deleted ones. The url however does count the ghosts

On that note, cya lmao

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Congrats on last post!

Ah, thank you for clearing that up and so long!


yeah and as i was saying, the URL was suspiciously close to the bot number/scroll page number so :man_shrugging:

wonder if it got changed

Eyyy, let the party begin. :beer:

congratulations nera on being the latest+greatest postmaker, you will be immortalised for all time as we continue on our pet peeves


For all his posting, Lukas failed.
I laugh.



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Better luck next time :^)

Seeing the thavnairian weapons has made me want to give my Midlander more classes, so here I am, getting BRD, WHM, SAM and RPR

I’m going to organise an intervention.

Bring it.

EDIT: But srsly, I mentioned to Aldru earlier that I like levelling.


Lord System graced us with another thread :pray:

I went to level machinist a bit more today to burn some of my rest bonus.

My soul died a little. I am on a break again.

Wish I could transfer the rest bonus to my other character who has more jobs to level…

Doesn’t help that I saved the worst jobs for last, even if it was for obvious reasons.

Eye of the Creator from my normal raid roulette. Mentor (groan) says at the very start “leave the adds to me”. Immediately gets the mechanics wrong, buffing the boss.

Crownheads Actually Know Things Challenge [Impossible difficulty]

Can confirm, Cro likes lvling

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thanks, system x

Mentors at their RL jobs be like

“Yeah, uh… don’t worry boss! Shipped those crickets just like you told me too, you can always leave it to me!”

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