[PCU] Troll Military RP - Painted Shields 🛡

They emerged from the undergrowth, each one a dizzying burst of colour in the darkness of the jungle. Leering faces, strange and chaotic scenes of long-forgotten battles and intricate murals dedicated to the profane loa glared out from the hardened wood of the shields.

More like a phalanx of red-plumed golems than the common trollish rabble, the column came to a halt and stood in silence, as if to give their foes either a moment to make their peace or at least enjoy the artistry of the cohort…

Hello gamers,

The Seventh Rastari Cohort - or the Painted Shields as they are more commonly known - is recruiting! So named after their group’s traditions of painting their shields, the cohort now marches in the name of the Horde, gifted as aid to the Saurfang Legion by a powerful Zanchuli associate hoping to gain yet more power in the chaos that follows the union between the Horde and the Empire.

This guild’s theme will revolve around soldiers of an once-dominant empire struggling against its decline and fighting for a new golden age for the trollish people, even if it means working with those that may have once been so far beneath them. Dressed in beaten golden and crested in opulent plumes, the imperial soldiers of the Golden Throne march out to show Azeroth just why their people once held dominion over much of the known world…

The main audience of the guild is - of course - Zandalari characters. Despite the name shield use isn’t essential - although ideally we will have a lot of characters that can use the iconic painted shields, maybe you want to play a guy who hangs his shield up in his hut and uses magic / a big spear etc

We will also be recruiting auxiliaries of all surviving troll tribes - with the Horde-loyal tribes of Darkspear, Revantusk and Shatterspear receiving generous wages and (at least officially) equality and respect from their Zandalari comrades. As the cohort grows more and more intergrated with the Horde and the war continues to take a toll, it is expected these auxilliaries will one day obtain the same ranks & privileges as true Zandalari characters (as well as ceremonial citizenship in the Golden City itself)

The disgraced tribes that dishonoured the Golden City by standing with the traitorous Zul in his battles against the Horde and even worse still losing may join but can expect to be treated as second-class soldiers, expendable and underpaid. These lowly creatures will be left outside of the gates of major Horde cities to camp in the dirt so as not to offend the new imperial allies with their filthy ways

If you’re interested, you can PM Beniboi, Hyro, Akuh for info / to join up


Great guild, would definitely recommend it for new Troll RPers both Zandalari and Darkspears. :ok_hand:


these mons be good rpers an also stay away from the voodoo

but yeah join


Epic community of solid RP’ers, lots of fun and lots of action/events! Also very helpful if you’re new to Troll/Horde RP. Glad to be here and excited to continue more in the future! Taz’dingo!


We’ve spooky and cool loa ceremonies, we’ve gnome squashing campaigns, we’ve ongoing events of all kinds, and we’re part of Stygian Legion. What more could you ask for!

I love our community and there is a really solid group of people who care about each other and about having fun.


Time to turn Dazar’alor into a futurist industrial empire.

Good roleplay is to be found in this guild, truly epic!


The Seventh Rastari Cohort will prepare for the latest RP-PVP coming this Friday by embarking on a little training exercise to test their will and wit against the wintery terrain… in Winterspring!

Is that a curiosity I sense? Well you can follow the link below to check out the campaign. Horde sign ups are still open! I mean it’s not like you got any other campaign to attend lately.

Are you a troll of your favourite tribe or perhaps a proud Zandalari? Do RP-PVP the right way and fight alongside fellow troll shills - namely the Painted Shields!


Very good turn out lately for the rp-pvp! let’s show the Alliance who’s the best! and avenge the king!


based campaign going on, join now, kings


Based troll rpers

The best troll guild AND a reliable front line to shield us elves from harm <3


After the RP-PVP, we settled down in the good old swing of things with our own guild events and some times, we’ve joined forces with our fellow Stygian Legionnaires.

Tonight, the Stygian Legion and others involved in the RP-PVP in Storm Peaks shall be rewarded with prestigious medals!

With that out of the way, the Painted Shields continues on and we are always looking for more Zandalari and all troll kind to stand with us for our great queen Talanji.


Tonight the Cohort will depart to Vol’dun to visit the Shrine of Akunda, but also kill some Alliance scum along the way who wish to interfere with Horde efforts there!


A wonderful bunch of great people. I would highly recommend these folk!


Have only had good interactions with these folks, would definitely recommend!


We had a pretty neato ‘pilgrimage’ to the temple of Akunda in Vol’dun and the place itself is just lovely at night.

This week, we’ve made plenty of time to do some hardcore recruitment before we continue with more guild events on Friday and Saturday.

This more than a fine moment to catch us in Orgrimmar the Valley of Honor to sign up!


This is the best Guild in my opinion it has greath members Awsome events and it is my Faforiete Guild it helps my with my self contiusnes and made me love the game even more They have super kind awsome people like Togha and Kezuga and lets not forget T’zali it has some of the most fun Rp i have ever seen you have fun laugh a lot and it has given my life meaning all my life i have been searcing for a better world one in wich i would be axcepted and with Painted shields i fund that place ive been to hel and back ive been humilited shund and been hated by many people and with the painted shields i can finaly stop searching for that better world Cuz i know Azeroth and the painted shields wil always be there for me they are so kind and they aecept me for who i am and i love every single member ive made friends and the Fund amezing people and i aecept my life Cuz finaly i know the suffering is over the loonlyness is over the heart breake is over Cuz ive fund the painted shields Thank every single one of you for finaly i feel happy


The cohort successfully return from Kul’tiras after their expedition there was successful. Taking the fight to the Alliance and Kul’tiran guard and managing to pillage and sack the town for supplies, loot and trophies. Though the tally to settle the score for Rastakhan’s death is not fulfilled yet!


Have had some great interactions with a couple of members from Painted Shields so far. This night, Ronin got to join them for a wholesome storytelling session in Razor Hill. Thanks guys!




They look cool! Should’ve told me to edit them. :wink:


Was very lovely to interact with Ronin and do some social roleplay to celebrate our victory in Kul’tiras! look forward to further interactions with Ronin! :heart_eyes: