10/10 HC Paradise Lost recruiting

I’ll keep this a very honest post.

Let me start with our description:

We’re a horde guild formed back in the glory hardcore days of Wotlk . Most of us play this game since TBC.
We’re old school players . We’ve seen stuff, been through stuff, stood in stuff.
We are all adults , a bunch of 30y olds armed with bad jokes , lots of sarcasm and no tolerance for pc warriors.
We like our guild to be a place where we chill with our animated pixel buddies , playing a game we all enjoy.
We’re a dying breed. We are the ones that take their class seriously but we’re not raider io junkies.
We quit in BFA and started reforming quite late in SL.
We got booze.

Our main target is HC raiding and m+ runs. Few of us also PVP. We dont say no to mythic raiding but we dont want to bring any toxicity into this guild.

We raid 2 nights/ week (wed/thr) from 8.00 realm time and we are looking for more active players to complete our group ,clear hc content and maybe get some mythic kills while waiting for next tier.

Our progress is 10/10HC atm.

We will never ask you to play a class that you dont enjoy , but we do ask for everyone to respect each other’s time investment and be online for raids. Don’t sh*t on our game time cuz it doesn’t end well. We know ppl who know ppl… or something scary like that.

Oh, and dont stand in fire. And whatever you do, NEVER blame healers!

Hopefully there are people out here with the same mindset and some gaming skills.

Just in case you are insane enough to contact me : Tammz#2233 <-- ther.

Thank you!

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Looking for Ranged DPS

Still looking for a few ranged dps.

LF for dat ranged dps

Hey there,

are you looking for anything specific? I myself am trying to find a new home after my old team disbanded.

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Mages, hunters, boomkins :slight_smile: Got no mage atm.

Still looking for a few more !

Still looking for a reliable tank.


Looking for more casters :slight_smile:

Looking for Mage and Warlock !

Still looking for more casters!

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