[H] Draenor - <That Gave Me Felwood> - 3/10M - Recruiting for 9.1

This guild is no longer active please see [H] Draenor - <Big Pumpers Anonymous> - Established 5/10 Mythic Raiding Guild - Recruiting DPS

I'd like to find a place to stay, any raiding guilds?
H - resto shaman / holy priest looking for a progression guild
3 Players looking for a new Guild / Home
Potentially looking for a new home
[H] Disc/ShadowPriest 220ivl mythic raider xp LF late night Guild
LF raiding guild
Experienced players looking for a new home
[H] 220 MM Hunter & 220 Boomie LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Warlock LF mythic guild
Healer looking for HC/Mythic and M+ guild
Tank and healer looking for home
Warrior looking for a raiding guild
[H] 222 Holy priest looking for Mythic Raiding guild
4/10M Paladin & Mage LF new guild
[H] [Kazzak] Warlock LF mythic raiding guild
LFG Fire mage 220 ilvl 2/10M exp
(H) Looking for a Raiding Guild
Looking for a new home
LF Raiding/M+ guild on Draenor
[H]<Kazzak> 3 friends looking for HC raiding guild
[H] LF M Raiding Guild
[H] Returning player - Healer (paladin/shaman)
Returning player looking for a home
Draenor [EU] Hunter MM LF Mythic Guild
[H] [EU] 2x DPS LF mythic guild
Resto Druid looking for HC guild
Resto druid looking for a home
Disc Priest / Hpala 4/10M LF raiding guild for CE
211 Resto Shaman LF new guild
[H][Kazzak] Looking for guild
[Horde] [Aggamagan] UH DK 211 ilvl lf raiding guild
Looking for new home
UH dk ilvl 210 lf new 2 days a week raiding guild
203 PvP Frost DK LF Guild
(H) 3/10 Mythic hunter main LF new team on Draenor
Ilvl 210 priest looking for a raid team
[H] Tarren-Mill LF Guild/Home 6/10M
203 Balance druid/healer LF new guild
LF a Home on Draenor
Group of players LF Experienced Guild
New player looking for raiding / mythic + guild
Resto druid lf NM/HC Horde raiding guild
[H][EU-Draenor] Group of Belgian friends LF Guild
(H) 204 Resto Sham, Draenor
(Draenor EU) Aff Lock looking for relaxed Mythic/ HC progression
Ret Paladin ilvl 212, 10/10 HC, LFG, +98.2 parses AV CN
Eu-TwistingNether Unholy DK LF Guild
[Kazzak] UH DK 204 LF Semi HC Raiding & Active Guild
Ret Pally 202 LF Raid Guild
Affliction Warlock Looking for Guild on Draenor!
[H]Holy paladin 8/10 hc looking for raiding guild
2 Friends LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild!
[H] Holy Priest looking for guild (Khadgar / Bloodhoof)
Dedicated Player looking for Mythic Raiding guild
[H] [Draenor] Looking for a Heroic raiding and Mythic+ guild
[A/H] 225 ilvl resto shaman, 3/10 M, 1300 rio, 2100 duelist, good logs etc, LF 2/3 day active Mythic guild
[H] Draenor - ELE/rsham LF semi-hardcore pve guild
[H] [Draenor] Priest (Disc Main / Off Shadow) LF 2-3 Day CE Guild [Found Guild, Closing]
Mw monk/resto Shaman LFG
Unholy DK looking for a new guild
Disc priest looking for twice a week guild :)
[H] [Stormreaver EU] Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild
[H] Dreanor Resto Shammy looking for guild
Something Casual?
(H) Outlaw Rogue LF raiding guild ilvl 219
Looking for a new home
Laddy here looking for a new guild
Holy priest looking for 2 day CE guild
[H]Former CE Raider looking to get back into raiding
[Grim Batol] New Tank looking for casual guild
Please Delete
No more relevant
[Tarren Mill] Shaman looking for Mythic Guild
[H] [Draenor] 6 irl friends looking for a new guild we can call home!
Hpala lf raiding guild
[A]10/10hc 3/10M Player looking for raiding guild
[H] 8/10M MW Monk LF Mythic raiding guild
I'd like to find a home
Please delete
Resto Shaman 4M LF new guild
[H] Draenor - <That Gave Me Felwood> - Brand NEW Raiding Guild - Currently 10/10HC (CURVED) - Looking for Healers
219 WW LF raiding guild
[H][Draenor] Warlock & WW Monk LF 2 Night Mythic Raid Guild
(A) 203 Ele (potential resto) Shaman & 202 Holy Priest LF raiding guild (we are server and faction changing to Horde on Draenor)
VDH or BM - or alts lf a new challenge
223 Rogue LF a guild
VDH or BM - or alts lf a new challenge
[EU] [A] Feral Druid Is Looking For A Guild
LF a laidback guild
Boomkin LF Mythic guild
Warlock LF Mythic guild
Vanilla player looking for a casual/laidback HC/M guild
[H] [Draenor] 209 Healer <looking for guild>
[H] Healer LF home
LF a Raiding Guild
Mage Looking for Active Mythic Raiding Guild
Ret Pala + Disc Priest LF raiding guild
Boomkin (H) Tarren Mill LF mythic guild
220 Vdh/214BrM looking for Heroic guild
Super Nice BM Hunter LF Friendly Raiding Guild
214 ilvl BM Hunter LF Mythic Raiding (possibly play other classes)
{H} 8/10 M Hpala looking to TEMP join a guild
LF new mythic raiding guild
[H] Rogue looking for raiding guild
LF friendly guild
LF mythic raiding guild
Curve guild seeking potential merge
Resto Shaman Looking for a Guild! :)
Returning player
[Silvermoon] Fury warrior curved, wants to progress


Updated players we currently need.

Progress updated, now 10/10 Normal - 3/10 HC

Now 6/10 HC, message for more details.

Now 9/10 HC - Still recruiting. Message for more details.

We are mainly after a healer at the moment, but will consider anything that improves our roster as we aim to push mythic.

Curved as of tonight after 1 Month of raiding together.

As of last night, we are now raiding mythic and currently 1/10

Very fun group of players to raid with! Many helpful members and officers :slight_smile:

Little bump, 2/10 Mythic and still recruiting for CE.

Psykickosix /w me ingame, asking if I had a moment to chat and I assume it was about joining the guild. Pls pass my discord onto him. suarn1c#2648

Bump, still looking for a couple more to finalise the mythic raid team.

Now 3/10 Mythic… Pushing

Updated - Looking for 1 more healer to complete our Mythic team.

Recruiting additional bodies in prep for 9.1 - Please message me via battlenet