[H] <Vehemence> Hellfire/Arathor [Semi-Hardcore PvE] [3/8 M] [PvP]


Started at the end of Mists of Pandaria, is a PvP and PvE (Semi-Hardcore) guild that has a friendly community. We have members from all over Europe with ages ranging from 20s - 40s. We are a group of adults, experienced, skilled and friendly who have been enjoying WoW for many years with most members having played since the early days of vanilla. We are an English speaking guild and though we have players from all across Europe we fully expect you to be able to communicate in English.

Inside Guild
We always have 30+ online members who willing to help others in any way they can. We host fun events every week with epic rewards to keep the atmosphere more alive, fun and enjoyable. We raid three times during the week, Wednesday, Sunday [Mythic] and Friday [Heroic]. We always have mythic +, arena, battleground, legacy raids and achievement runs. We have a very active, helpful and friendly guild channel.

Raiding Aims
To clear all encounters in Heroic difficulty in the opening weeks and progress each tier’s mythic difficulty.
With the arrival of Battle for Azeroth, The guild decided to have 20 solid mythic raiders and commit to a Semi-Hardcore schedule to enable mythic progression. Therefore, We are looking for players to build a strong team to fully clear all raids in mythic difficulty in Battle for Azeroth.
We also have a second raid team with main raiders and casual/social members and those who want to join the main raid team. The Friday raid goal is to learn participators the encounter and gear them up and eventually use them in the main raid team or even make the second mythic raid team.

Raiding Timetable
[Mythic] Wednesday 20:00 24:00
[Mythic] Sunday 20:00 24:00
[Heroic] Friday 20:00 24:00

Current Progress
8/8 Uldir Heroic
3/8 Uldir Mythic

Currently Recruiting [PvE]
We are currently looking for:
5 DPS (Mage - Warlock - Priest - Balance Druid - Hunter - Elemental Shaman)

Though we are currently only focusing on the above-required classes/roles we will always welcome applications from others. Exceptional applications and players will always be considered.

PvP Aims
We are also looking for active and experienced players with a passion for PvP. We plan for high rating in Rated Battlegrounds with at least one permanent Rated Battleground team within the guild. We will also focus a lot on premade battlegrounds and we aim to make opportunity for all of our PvP members to have arena partners within the guild. We have high rate PvP players in the world who are helping the guild to achieve these goals in PvP part of the guild.

Currently Recruiting [PvP]
All Classes and specs are Welcome to join our PvP team.

Casual and Social Memebers
As you already figured, We are not fully hardcore PvE or PvP guild therefor casual/social players who enjoy casual raiding/mythic+/PvP/PvE or just to hang out in guild chat are very welcome as well.

Mail your apply to vehemence_eu@hotmail.com or contact us in-game (Mail/Whisper).
Include relevant information in your application (Like yourself, character, raid history, logs etc.)
You will get a response when the Officers have come to a decision on your application.

Questions or More Information
If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact us in-game.

Guild Leaders
HellThrone [HellThrone#1375]
Nivool [Nivool#2444]
Macumba [Ana#2526]
Reve [revellius#2339]

Thanks for reading.
Vehemence Team.

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