[H] <Simulacrum> Draenor - 1/10M SOD - LF HEALERS/DPS for MYTHIC RAIDING (also interested in merge)


Welcome to Simulacrum!

Guild was formed in May 2020 by a bunch of IRL friends with SL in our mind. We were to many to apply for a guild, and we don’t have time to play as we had when we were younger, so we agreed to build a guild, a group, with the same mindset as we have. We managed to raid a bit of HC at the end of BFA, trying to get some stable people for SL, but now we need more in order to progress faster and further.

Core of the guild is made of long standing players (which played in almost all expansions, raiding at high and hardcore level). Most of our players are 30+ so IRL comes first, but we still enjoy this game and we want to progress in it.

We are looking for players with the same mindset, which understand that 6h of raiding/week is not much, and they have to give everything during raids in order to progress further step by step. Coming to raids fully prepared (food/flasks/a fight video seen), doing m+ to increase the ilevel/stats/getting the best item that they can get before the raid is one the feats we are looking for.
In the same time we are looking for ACTIVE players. If you log only 2 nights/week to raid, you are not a fit for us. Logging more often, doing m+ with the guild members, raids, achievement runs or just having fun as a group (discussing or joking on discord) is what we ask from our members.

As most of the guilds, we are aiming to finish every patch as high as we can related to progress. The main goal of the guild is CE and mythic raiding, but when we get it doesn’t matter. If we kill the last boss of the patch in the last day before the next patch, for us its enough.
Right now we are looking for players to fill in the roster for a stable 20-22man group. We don’t want to bench any player, and we will always raid with everyone that signs up, but if some fights will require a specific set-up, we will need for those players to understand and step down, for the sake of the progress.

We have no specific requirements with regards to experience, we are looking for players who wish to improve, will put in the effort to do so and can listen to instructions and act upon them in a raid environment. Discussing the tactic, coming with ideas, or simply if you saw something that we didn’t noticed before is highly appreciated. This is a team effort after all.

Regarding gear, we would like that the new recruits to be ready for the current raiding level. We can invite everyone that is willing to join, and we will give them time to get to the required level/gear, but they will get a trial spot only after they are ready.

Raiding hours (we use Calendar for events):
Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00
Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00

Current progress:
6/10 M (CN)
1/10 M (SoD)

Current searching for:

DPS - any class
Healer - any class
Tank - 1 tank


aidda#2112 (bnet)
Aidda#5460 (discord - yes with BIG A)


bump for quality

we are still very interested in DPS, ranged especially…

bump xd heh

looking for hunter/mage/lock asap

Looking for a couple of ranged dps to move into mythic

still looking for RANGED DPS, missing like 1-2 to move into mythic

spots opened for 1 healer and 1 tank

recruitment opened again for SL raiding…

Any tank spot open for an experienced DH tank?

You are not aidda !

hello, yeah, we are in need of another tank actually. add me on bnet pls.

still need healers mainly

Still open for healers druid/sham/pala/monk and casters mage/lock/owls

Hey! I added you on BNet, would love to chat soon!

Still open for any mage/lock/owl and healing sham/pala/monk

still open for casters

still in need of lock/mage

recruitment open for 1 tank also

still need castersssss