[A+H][Eonar] <BEAST> come prepatch with us :)

BEAST is a guild that wants to connect starting (and experienced) players so that we can learn and enjoy the game together.

The guild is run by players with years of game experience and we welcome everybody looking for company.

We have these core values:

  • Bring a good mood
  • Eager to learn
  • Accept someone the way (s)he is
  • Support eachother
  • Together is better

Guild activities include:

  • Dungeons of all difficulties
  • Raids on Mondays and Fridays
  • Warmode ON world questing

In addition to that we are always looking for players with few experience to the game and want a group to learn it with together.

In order to join us you need to be playing on Blade’s Edge, Eonar, Vek’nilash, Aerie Peak or Bronzebeard and:

  • Search for BEAST in the guild recruitment finder.
  • Send us a battletag message:
    – Thorck#2781
    – Iggy#2152
    – Pit#2133
    – Evelin#21904

After a little chat to get to know eachother a little bit you’ll be invited to join if there is a good match.

Hope to see you soon!


Every player who can find him/herself in our core values is welcome.

You’ll be able to find us in the Guild Recruitment finder as medium-size guild very soon, as we’re just a few members away to be eligible for that.

Also note that, as more members hit the end-game level, the guild will also shift its focus to more end-game content.

In that light we’re also setting up a guild website shortly.

Do you have any questions? We’re very happy to answer all of them! Just post them in here.

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Greatly interested!

Hi Rhaahzun, feel free to have a chat with me. My battletag: Thorck#2781

In BEAST we had the honor to welcome some great new friends whom we could already enjoy nice social talks and great dungeon runs with.

But… we need:

  • Fierce worgen,
  • Sturdy furry bears,
  • Spiritual pandas,
  • Swift ghost wolfs

and ofcourse we may also slip a gnome or two into our community.

In short, we welcome anyone who shares our core values (see initial post), to strengthen bonds between our players and venture into the Shadowlands as one very soon.

Will you be part of it?

Apply in-game via the Guild Finder or get in touch with a battletag friend request: Thorck#2781

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Hi there,

Just a short update.

If you like our story and want to apply you can do so by sending a /tell to one of our Pack Leaders (see initial post)

Hope to see you at the party in Shadowlands soon :wink:

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Hi, I am interested in joining…left an application on the guild website:)


Hey Alaesa, I’ve seen it. Thanks for applying :slight_smile:

With thanks to our current members we’re now running guild dungeons daily. There’s still room for more friends who we can make our group feel like home to.

Will you become our 25th member? :wink:

Hey up, I joined BEAST about two weeks ago and can say I am having loads of fun with a great group of people.
It’s a good mix of dungeon runs, helping each other and chillin’. I think there’s something for everyone. See you on the inside! :eyes:

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Great to read you like it so much in BEAST Cendra :slight_smile:

BEAST still has room for more inexperienced players who like to understand the game and learn it together.

In addition to that we are also in particular looking for:

  • 1 tank with some dungeon experience at (or close to) level 120
  • 2 healers with some dungeon experience at (or close to) level 120

Interested to join? Message one of our Pack leaders (see initial post)

With the last few BFA days upon is it’s time for an update.

BEAST is still searching for a few more players who reached level 120 recently, in particular an extra tank would be very helpful for the continuity of our weekly dungeons and for our ambition to begin raiding in Shadowlands as well.

Also worth mentioning is that, thanks to all of our current members, we have over 50 active characters in BEAST who all share our key values. This makes us a large guild in the guild finder.

To those who seek a cosy and informal atmosphere, worry not: our size does not matter! We have more green chat perhaps, but our approach to end-game content remains the same:

  • Fun is the key,
  • Participation is voluntary,
  • Success is not always guaranteed and that’s okay.

Do you think you fit in well? Do not hesitate and take 5 minutes to message one of our Pack Leaders (see initial post)

Hope to see you in the world of the afterlives soon!

We’ve updated out initial post in this thread to reflect our current recruitment situation.

Thanks to everybody we have welcomed and also to those who asked about BEAST, but ultimately decided to choose for another home.
All of you contributed to the very warm and welcoming atmosphere we all like so much about BEAST.

To those out there still looking for a guild that likes to help new players and those that like to coach players with lesser experience, please consider BEAST as your new home.
We like to grow at a steady and controllable pace, welcoming any player that can find him/herself in our guild’s core values (first post)!

You can apply via the in-game guild finder or you can ask any guild member about what (s)he likes so much about BEAST!
If you want a personal chat, you can add me (Thorck#2781) to your friendlist and send me a message.

Hello to you in the Blade’s Edge group of servers.

I joined here about 3 weeks ago after looking long and hard for a guild that put’s people and having fun first, at the same time doing m+ and hopefully raiding in shadowlands.

I am having a great time, it has made the game enjoyable again and have always felt welcome and included as a newcomer.

We are looking for a few more members to start raids soon, please read the guild values, as this will always be the most important for the guild.

We welcome new or experienced people, feel free to drop in an application and hope to see you soon!

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Recruitment post updated, we are once again no longer looking for very specific roles currently, but in overall growth to accomodate for:

  • A second mythic+ group and
  • As a basis to begin our first (relaxing-paced) raids in Shadowlands.

Do you want to help and be helped by likeminded players? Then hassle no longer and have a chat with one of our members or apply directly!

I joined Beast a few months ago but have played with many of the people in Beast since WOTLK days. Very fun group of players with a great sense of humour. We raid but have fun and a good laugh at the same time.

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Currently looking for a tank and a few ranged dps who are about to hit level 50 and are new to end-game content. BEAST is starting to practice end-game PvE now more regularly and on top of just company we also seek to fill in a roster for a raid group.

That said, our primary goal remains: connecting experienced and inexperienced players to learn and play together in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you fit in any of these roles and think our guild core values appeal to you, then please drop me a whisper for a chat or apply to the guild directly.

Couldn’t recommend this guild enough, especially for newer players or those who were too shy / scared of taking on end-game content. I was terrified of mythics and raids and therefore never did anything like that before - with BEAST I got to build that confidence at a casual pace and plenty of encouragement. The atmosphere is really laid back, we all have a good laugh and it feels like you’ve been friends with everyone for ages. Really feeling valued and in good hands with this guild.

Hoping to see more like-minded people join us for extra bit of fun! :smile:

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You guys sound like a fun bunch and i’m definitely interested. But being from Silvermoon, which is very crowded and lively, i’m not too keen about moving to, what for all intents and purposes looks like a dead and/or dying set of realms. Do you feel like this is a hinderance to you in any way?

Hi Ashfield, I can’t really compare a crowded server like Silvermoon with ours very well (I’ve played on Silvermoon myself at some point, but only with some friends in a small guild over there).

Even though we have had several server merges recently (and it is busier than before), it is surely true that our realm group is quiter than Silvermoon.

For BEAST I do not really see indicators that we have a harder time on getting the players we like to have than I would imagine to have on Silvermoon, but due to its quiter nature there’s also fewer competition on our servers and progression is usually slower than on very active servers like Silvermoon.

If a (much) quieter server than you’re on right now is not your thing, then I would advise to consider another guild.

Does that answer your question?